If your home needs improvements, Horizon Bank could be the perfect solution for you!

Did you know that making upgrades to your home can make a big difference in increasing your home’s value while also making your living space more enjoyable and comfortable? If you’ve thought about these needed projects but hesitated at the cost, a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit from Horizon Bank could be the perfect solution. One of the best ways to finance home improvements is to use the existing value of your home to add additional value to your home. With this idea in mind, here are some helpful tips for planning home improvement projects:

  1. Evaluate your home’s needs. When choosing your project, it’s important to prioritize your home’s most important needs. For example, Midwest winters can cause significant wear on your house, so you may need new windows or siding. Structural improvements should outweigh aesthetic changes since the value of your home is largely based on a sound foundation.
  2. Research contractors. Finding the right person to do the work on your home can take some time, which is why it is best to start your research early. Referrals from family and friends are a great place to start, or you can search the internet. It’s important to read online reviews, talk to multiple professionals, and compare estimates for your project. You want to choose a contractor who is reliable and trustworthy.
  3. Get on the schedule. In today’s market, the best contractors have exceptionally busy calendars – it’s important to get on their calendar early so that you find a timeframe that works best for your household.
  4. Fund your project. Don’t have extra money set aside for these projects? A Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit from Horizon Bank may be the perfect solution to help you fund your plans and make your house feel new again. You can borrow money from the value of your home in order to make these home improvements.

These tools from Horizon Bank can accomplish your funding needs to renovate your home, but they can also do more! You can use the value of your home for a loan or line of credit that can be used to pay off a debt, help a child through a college, buy a new vehicle, and more.

Visit HorizonBank.com, visit a local branch, or call 888-873-2640 today to find out how a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit can help you achieve your goals. Those goals are within reach, and Horizon Bank’s advisors are ready to help you through every step of the way.

This article – and your next personal finance tip – are brought to you by our Title Sponsor, Horizon Bank. Founded as a community bank in Michigan City, Indiana, Horizon Bank has been putting down roots the right way ever since. Advisors are purposely hired from local communities and empowered to act. Why? Because local knowledge is the most valuable knowledge.

About the Author:

Julee Laurent is a St. Joseph resident who owns locally-owned Think Tank Marketing Company.  She has been a freelance journalist since 1998 and has written for Moody on the Market, Gannett Press, South Bend Tribune, Redbook, Marie Claire, Village Voice Media, Tribune News Papers and started the Journey Shoe Stores owned DiG Magazine.

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