Destination Wedding? Southwest Michigan Awaits You!


He popped the question! I know, it’s a bit of a cliché phrase; but I think I can vouch for women, and men, around the world when I say we all have dreamed of the day we could “write home” and say he asked the big question.

As a recently engaged individual, I can say probably one of the most stressful things in my life is planning my dream wedding. More specifically, picking the perfect destination. Am I right?! If you are like me, you have probably talked about everything under the sun and more! Backyard barbeque, upscale golf course, rendezvous at the courthouse, elegant chapel, and even during sunset at the beach. The wonderful part is, no matter what your dream wedding looks like, you’re in the right spot right here in Southwest Michigan! We live in a place where your “destination wedding” can be a stone’s throw away. To all my winter brides and grooms, let me take you on a journey; I will even cover your train ticket.

Our first stop on our journey takes us to the edge of the St. Joseph River, in the quaint town of Niles, MI. The Fernwood Botanical Garden venue is a beautiful place to host your fairytale winter wedding. With several venue sites, the ability to accommodate just about any size wedding you could dream of is plausible at this magical nature preserve. A few of their sites include, but are most certainly not limited to, the Sims Education Center, Clark Gallery, and the Summer House. These three scenic sites accommodate a range of guests from 50 to 150. All sites come with tables and chairs for the predetermined number of guests, as well as audio and visual capabilities. This is perfect for putting together a slideshow presentation with all the best memories. Don’t forget to put in the heart-warming photo of your “cry face” when he got down on one knee too. Yes, ladies, you know the one I am talking about; and yes, you have to put that one in there! 

Pictured below you can see a couple who hosted their engagement session at the site prior to their wedding. If you are looking to be surrounded by nature, as well as love, during your special day consider the beautiful Fernwood Botanical Gardens.

Photo Credit: Kayla Powell; Prohibition and Pearls Photography
Morgan + Forrest | Engagements
Photo Credit: Kayla Powell; Prohibition and Pearls Photography

Next up we find ourselves in the rolling hills of Bangor at Something Blueberry Farms. When I tell you this venue gave me goosebumps, and maybe even a few internal squeaks, it is no lie! While scrolling through the photos I obtained I may have fallen in love. Not only does this venue have a beautiful chandelier that I am an absolute sucker for, it also has a rustic picturesque staircase. If you love the vintage and rustic type of scene this may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. Worried about the temperature? Fear not of the fridged winter air, firepits are available to create a cozy environment. This venue can accommodate up to 225 guests. Located on 28th Avenue, near Abernathy Lake, this venue is sure to make your special day a one-of-a-kind memory.

Pictured below you can see how these two love birds set up for their magical evening.

Photo Credit: Kayla Powell; Prohibition and Pearls Photography

Our final destination on our romantic journey is in beautiful Buchanan. Here we visit the vineyards of Tabor Hill Winery and Restaurant. Who doesn’t love Michigan vineyards? I know, you may be thinking why would I choose a vineyard in the wintertime? Let me tell you! First, their wine is absolutely amazing, real quick shout out to their Blueberry Demi-Sec. Yum! In addition to the delicious beverages they offer, they also offer catering for your event. If you have not enjoyed their scrumptious food, I urge you to hop on over with your fiancé and grab a bite. This venue can accommodate anywhere from 70 to 130 guests and tables and chairs come included.

Pictured below is one of the breathtaking wedding sites that Tabor Hill’s offers. If you are looking for a romantic and spacious venue, paired with some delicious alcoholic beverages, give them a call to start planning!

Tabor Hill Winery

I could go on and on for days about the wonderful, breathtaking dream destinations to host a wedding in Southwest Michigan, but we all know the train must drop its passengers off at some point! However, I do want to leave you with a few other destinations to take a peek at during your planning considerations. The Point O’ Woods Golf Course in Benton Harbor, The Silver Beach Carousel in St. Joseph, Watermark Brewing Company in Stevensville, and The GhostLight Theatre in Benton Harbor are all beautiful locations to host as well.

If you are currently engaged, soon-to-be engaged, or single and just planning ahead for the future, I hope you enjoyed this trip together as much as I did! So darlings, congratulations, good luck, and happy planning.

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