Escape The Cold!

Spring is on the way! As March 20th, the first day of spring, is right around the corner it seems warmer times are not too far out of sight. However, while the cold weather is still hanging around, you may be looking for some fun family-friendly activities. Let’s take a look at a few places you and your family, or friends, can go “escape” the cold and have some fun before Spring arrives!

Who Will Survive?

I have always been one to take a challenge head on, and sharing a laugh or two along the way never hurts. If you are looking for a good team building exercise with your coworkers, or maybe a bonding experience with your family, an escape room may be just what you are looking for! Never done an escape room or even heard of one? That’s ok! The basic concept of these games is you begin in a room filled with clues and you and your party must work together to solve the mystery and escape! Does this sound intriguing to you? Well, located in downtown St. Joe, Survival Mode Escape Games is ready to make your experience a one of a kind. Multiple different games are available to choose from. Currently, they have Bigfoot, Twister, Pirates, and Vengeance as the games to pick from. Open most days from 9am to 9pm, they are ready to plan your experience today! Head on over to their website to book your escape game now,

A group of friends celebrating after solving their game!

Rage On

Escape room not your cup of tea but still looking for a fun night out? IRage in South Haven has a wide variety of activities and games to enjoy as well! If you are looking for a more hands on experience, their ax throwing sessions may interest you. Or, if you are looking to release some stress in a safe environment, they have rage rooms! Yes, they have rooms you can go into to help release your stress in a controlled way, by breaking things! Who doesn’t love the rush they get from smashing random things?! If these options don’t seem to be up your alley, that’s ok too. They offer a full arcade, pool tables, and paint splat sessions. Paint splat sessions are just what they sound like, you are provided with paint balls, and you are able to have a messy paint fight with your friends or family! So, if it’s something physical, messy, and fun you want to try, check out IRage and enjoy all of their available activities! They are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s to serve you!

Break Room at IRage
Ax Throwing at IRage

Tag You're It

Want to incorporate a little exercise into your night out? I remember as kid, I loved when my parents took me to play laser tag, you can do the same for your kids! Slacker’s Family Fun Center, in St. Joe, offers not only a full arcade, but also a laser tag arena! How cool!? Play as many games as you want in the laser tag arena, and maybe up the ante by doing the laser maze! Then head over to the arcade where you can purchase credits or play free play games per the hour. Whatever your preference is, Slackers can accommodate! While their hours vary day to day, they are open seven days a week so stop in and get your game on!

Laser Tag Arena at Slackers

From Bored to Bowling

If you are looking for a bit of a more traditional night out but want to add a twist to it Stevensville may have just what you need! Just like laser tag, my parents took me bowling as a kid and I still enjoy bowling as an adult. So if you are like me and want to grab a drink and knock down a couple pins, head over to Peat’s Cider Social. That’s right locally made hard cider and bowling coming together as one! All of the Peat’s original ciders on tap in their taproom are locally made right in Paw Paw. The owners have reassured their customers that although they are a taproom, they are family friendly, and all kiddos are welcome in their establishment. Open every evening except Tuesdays, Peat’s Cider Social is ready to serve you delicious new hard ciders and provide a wonderful bowling experience!

Living in Michigan it can be a challenge to find activities, especially team and family ones, in the cold weather. If you find yourself getting restless with the last few weeks of winter still looming, check out these businesses! From escape games to ax throwing, or from laser tag to cider and bowling, I have no doubt you will enjoy whatever adventure you pick! If you find you enjoyed one or all of these ideas and partake, don’t forget to share your pictures, we love seeing how you enjoyed your experience! 

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