Stay Well, Feel Better In Berrien County

Between fast-moving Omicron and typical colds and flus (turns out those are still a thing) this January has been a doozy for illness. Whether you’re fighting off a bug or just trying to keep your immune system in tip-top shape, here are some ideas for ways Southwest Michigan businesses can help:

Opt For Soothing, Healing Foods

We polled our Facebook group for their favorite local restaurants to pick up soothing soups and more when sick or recuperating. (Note: ask about curbside or delivery options!)

Hearty, brothy soup from Zoup! is a favorite in Southwest Michigan.
  • Zoup! for yummy brothy soups!” says Liz Petzke.
  • Caffe Tosi’s Minestrone: “It’s always our go-to – our family favorite!” says Bailey Bauer.
  • Paul Whicheloe recommends the Pozole Verde at Arriba Taqueria.
  • Full Circle Cafe‘s soups are very tasty! And, they deliver so you don’t have to go out when you’re under the weather,” says Dorothy Jean Rogers.
  • Heidi Southard opts for Hot and Sour or Egg Drop Soup from Hong Kong Kitchen.

Get Your Food & Meds Delivered

No need to venture out for groceries or medicine if you’re feeling under the weather – stay tucked in bed and let these grocery stores and pharmacies bring necessities to you.

Stay Well, Naturally

Whether you’re already sick or just want to give your body a better chance at fighting off infection, you’ve got a lot of support from businesses in Southwest Michigan.

Clear congestion with a Shower Steamer from Forever Clean Soap Works in St. Joseph
  • In the Buy Local Berrien! Facebook group, lots of members praised Fully Alive Family Chiropractic for helping them and their families stay well. “Your spine controls everything in your body, including the ability to fight illness,” says Jen Wagner. “Getting regular adjustments helps me fight things off faster than I used to for sure.”
  • Halotherapy (salt therapy) is said to boost the immune system and clear respiratory issues. Check out The Salt Haven in Berrien Springs or Revive Spa in St. Joseph to try this uniquely therapeutic experience.
  • Herbal tinctures, teas, and syrups are the Earth’s way of helping you stay well or get better soon. Check out Kindred Root, owned by community herbalist Maria Falce, who offers personal consultations and custom formulations.
  • And check out our Content Partner Forever Clean Soap Works for nontoxic, handmade personal-care products that can help you keep your household healthy! From delicious-smelling hand soaps to help to stop the spread of germs, to shower steamers that can clear the sinuses and soothe your respiratory system, Forever Clean is stocked with products to help keep you feeling your best.

Forever Clean Soap Works, just south of Martin’s Supermarket on Cleveland Avenue in St. Joseph

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  1. Thank you for this great article! Also to Liz Petzke and the the community who supports us every day! I will tell you we also have a great Medicine Ball at Biggby St. Joseph for when you are feeling under the weather! Sending love! ❤️

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